Bryce Dallas Howard said lose weight in Jurassic World

On screen, it’s no stranger to Bryce Dallas Howard jogging across brushy terrain in the dark while donning high heels to battle bloodthirsty dinosaurs. behind the scenes ,Jurassic World: DominionThe star was fighting a separate battle against studio managers who She wanted her to lose weight For her role as Claire Dering in the upcoming Jurassic World, in which she stars opposite Chris Pratt, Diwanda Wise, and Jeff Goldblum. talk with metro In a recent interview, Howard opened up about the tax conversation — one in which, as a woman in film, she’s been on multiple film sets over the course of her career — and credits director Colin Trevorrow for rejecting studio executives’ demands.

“In the third movie, it was actually because there were too many women, and that was something that Colin felt very strongly about protecting me… because the conversation came up again: ‘We need to ask Bryce to lose weight,'” she explained. “It was like “There are so many different types of women on this planet and there are so many different types of women in our movie” and I had to do Lots of stunts It wouldn’t have been possible if I had been on a diet.”

“I have to do [the stunts] With my body, she was at full strength, and I hope this is just another indication of what’s possible.”

Echoing Howard’s feelings about the unrealistic expectations of women on screen, Wise added, “It’s always something. There was a lot of resistance to Kela [Watts, Wise’s character] To have muscles, in the sense of being a woman, looks like a woman. It is relentless and impossible in every aspect.”

Distinguishing “Jurassic World: Dominion” from the previous two films in the series, Howard, who performs several potentially body-breaking stunts in Jurassic World films, said the third film allowed her to fully introduce herself and others. Women as real human beings. After she was “asked not to use my natural body in the movies,” the “The Mandalorian” director said she was “delighted.” [at] All the actions I have to do. She continued, ‘And I have to do it with my body, she was at her fullest, and I hope this is just another indication of what’s possible. “

For Howard and Wise, the upcoming sci-fi movie is a small step toward ensuring a more accurate representation of women in the film. In addition to presenting realistic portrayals of women at all levels, the actors hope to normalize the presence of more women than men in films and normalize the presentation of women with humanity, rather than outlining their body types. “[The film introduces] “These imperfect heroines,” Wise said. “There’s a story there, a feeling that you can be heroic even if you’re not heroic. I’m interested in the future of work and movies that really allow women to be fully human as we are.”

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