12 Best Charcoal Grills You Can Buy in 2022

This ultimate guide to the best charcoal grills of 2022 explores everything you need to know to find the right charcoal grill for your needs, including the features to look for, materials, and price. A charcoal grill isn’t for you? Check out our guides to compressed granules And the gas grills.

Beyond British thermal units, temperature extremes and fuel cost, the basic difference between coal Grills and comfort rivals. Charcoal grills are uncomfortable in any way that is not a gas, pellet, or electric grill. This is the basic appeal. In the same way that many driving enthusiasts prefer manuals over automation, there is physical satisfaction in direct control, higher failure rates and high potential. Yes, charcoal grills can do things others can’t, but the no-leash operation makes them great. From the most popular backyard game of the 20th century to something called Yoder Smoker, these are the best you can buy right now.

  • Best all inclusive charcoal grill

    Weber Original Kettle Premium Grill

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  • Best free standing charcoal grill

    Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill

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  • Best charcoal grill for smoking

    Yoder Smoker Abilene

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  • Best professional charcoal grill

    Hesty Bake Legacy Charcoal Grill 131

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  • Best flexo charcoal grill

    Everdure by Heston Blumenthal HUB

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    What to look for in a charcoal grill

    Material is important

    Whether you’re shopping online or in person, find building information. Does the list contain twenty bullets that promote all heavy gauge stainless steel, cast aluminum, and enameled iron (or steel)? This is a good sign. If its structure is not bent, rust stains will likely fail to retain heat and generally disintegrate sooner than you’d like.

    fat guarantees

    Would you buy a grill for hundreds of dollars and have a one-year warranty on parts? Don’t buy it. Something that costs a lot should be guaranteed, at least in part, for three to five years. Some of the grills in this guide come with partial lifetime warranties.

    Adjustable (and customizable) grids

    Find a wheel or lever that allows you to move the clamps or charcoal base up and down—preferably both. This allows for more cooking methods. As an added bonus, some companies offer developer networks (or there are aftermarket ones you can buy). We prefer stainless steel for easy cleaning and a more even distribution of heat.

    Slots! Slots! Slots!

    In making one meal, airflow determines quality more than fine grilles, charcoal quality and masonry. It allows you to light the fire however you like, and maintain a medium heat to roast the chicken or smoke the ribs nicely and slowly. The more slots you can play with, the better.

    Delivery and setup

    This is a simple one. Some grills come fully assembled, others take an entire day to set up. Look at this before shipping a 500-pound coin to your home.

    Why buy a charcoal grill?

    Advantages of grilling over charcoal

    very high temperature: Other than commercial salamander stoves (like this one), no type of grill will reach the levels of heat that charcoal and wood-fired grills do. Expect maximum temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and as high as 1,250 depending on your setup.

    cleverness: It gets hotter than hell, but it also works for slow cooks. When the air flow is handled well and the fire is tilted evenly, charcoal grills can maintain a consistent temperature for days.

    A variety of fuel: Unlike gas or electric (not a lot of grits), charcoal grills can cook with affordable Kingsford charcoal, more premium lump charcoal, binchotan or even coconut husks.

    Disadvantages of grilling on charcoal

    learning curveLearning how to stack coals properly, light a fire, maintain a constant temperature and control the flow of air takes time.

    A big mess: Expect your hands, grill, and everything in the general vicinity of the grill to have a slight tinge of charcoal dust for the foreseeable future.

    Depends on the weather: Where gas, pellet and electric grills can operate in windy and even rainy conditions, charcoal can suffer. Winds can suffocate or blow fire to uncontrollable levels.

    time sink: Charcoal takes longer than clicking the power button on a gas stove. Cleaning the grill takes a long time. If you are looking to grill a few times a week, a nice gas grill might be a better option.

    Charcoal vs gas grills

    There is an ongoing debate about which is better: charcoal grills or gas grills. We hate to sound tacky, but there is no better grill and it really depends on which one works for you.

    temperature: Both charcoal and gas grills will get hot, but charcoal grills will become significantly hotter. You’ll be able to get excellent steaks (or vegetables) on both types of grills, but the temperature range on a charcoal grill is larger than on its gas counterpart. Gas grills also take longer to heat up.

    Ease of use: With a gas grill, you can easily start a fire. Plus, it’s very easy to adjust the heat and temperature for your target roast. Charcoal grills require a lot of attention, and most hobbyists will need to take the time to learn how to properly set the temperature.

    price: Because of what they are, charcoal grills are generally cheaper than gas grills. Charcoal grills require more than just a body, a place to throw charcoal, a grill and a lid. On the other hand, gas grills have quite a few bells and whistles, all of which add to their higher price tag.

    flavor: Charcoal grills are excellent for smoking meat, and for imparting a smoky flavor to everything. You lose that smoky flavor when using a gas grill. On the other hand, charcoal grills are harder on the environment than gas grills. Gas produces much less carbon emissions than coal, so if you want to reduce carbon emissions, gas may be the way to go.

    Best Charcoal Grills 2022

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