Whitlock: Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan Stand Against CCP – COVID Competitive Propaganda

Aaron Rodgers is the most dangerous and hottest man in professional sports. The Green Bay quarterback and the ruling NFL MVP could express greed betrayal of the American sports leagues for athletes.

Until now, most athletes believe that the only consequence of American sport’s bowing to the Chinese Communist Party is a pinned bank account. Young, poorly educated, and relying on social media algorithms for guidance, contemporary athletes fail to recognize the danger of globalization and to abandon traditional American values.

Aaron Rodgers is no longer young. Gray patches highlight his mane. Intellectual curiosity forces him to search for information beyond what Twitter and Facebook agree with. Dealing with the spoiler. Cancellation flirts.

On Saturday, during a Three hours interviewPodcaster Joe Rogan played Morpheus and gave Rodgers the red pill and the blue pill. Rodgers directed Neo and joined the rebellion.

“The Matrix: COVID Competitive Propaganda.” This is what we saw on Saturday.

In his discussion with Rogan, Rodgers began the process of offloading the dual COVID version that the NFL had unleashed on its players and staff at Big Pharma’s behest.

And then we’ll make a gesture of virtue to say, ‘Look at how good our league is, we have 95% vaccine compliance,’ Rodgers told Rogan. What really happened.”

“On the third day of training camp, they sent this agent in, and he showed these slides about your vaccination percentage in your team. Where are you compared to the rest of the league? And I started asking him questions about responsibility. “Oh, I’m not a lawyer.” Well, cool. But here you are talking About all of these different things, and you don’t talk about anyone’s personal health issues. There are no exceptions, I’ve removed religious exceptions, I’ve eliminated PEG exemptions, and I’ve eliminated anyone’s ability to form an opinion about “I don’t want to do that.”

It’s not fair to single out the NFL. The entire sports world has joined the COVID competitive propaganda movement. The NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA were no better than the NFL.

They have all submitted to the Chinese Communist Party and the globalization agenda. All leagues put as much pressure as possible on young, healthy athletes to bend over and conduct an experimental medical trial that does not prevent COVID or its spread. Even worse, it is an urgent medical trial for which we do not know the full scope of its side effects.

In terms of betrayal and damage to confidence, this is far worse than the NFL’s alleged dishonesty about concussions. CTE is an unwanted science promoted by the anti-football movement. until the attacked the Washington Post The alleged discoverer of CTE, Bennet Omalu, celebrated the doctor in the Will Smith movie facing concussion.

We live in a media and propaganda war. Aaron Rodgers is the most famous influencer who joined the rebellion. He can awaken his fellow athletes to the fact that they are being used against their best interest and that of America.

Rodgers may be the most dangerous athlete since Muhammad Ali changed the narrative about the Vietnam War. The NFL’s media partners will discredit Rodgers for agreeing to interview Rogan and discuss the senseless COVID protocols that defined professional sports last year.

NBC’s Mike Florio, founder of Pro Football Talk, complained that Rodgers had “raised a dead case”. Florio and many other media outlets have focused on Rodgers’ admission that he misled the media a year ago about his vaccination status.

This is not the story. Professional sports leagues mislead their employees by order of drug companies and Biden’s crazy administration of vaccines is the real story.

Big Pharma controls television and sports leagues. This is what drives competitive propaganda for COVID.

Remember five years ago when Papa John’s Pizza was the most visible advertiser in the NFL? John Schnatter is an all-American success story. He grew up in a small town Indiana. He started a pizza parlor in his father’s tavern closet. Become a billionaire. He and Peyton Manning promoted Papa John’s pizza during commercial breaks for NFL games.

John Schnatter has traditional American values. His trademark fit the old NFL. The new NFL was centered on a global agenda. The new NFL, like all television sets, has succumbed to the thirst of Big Pharma advertising.

Big Pharma has pills and vaccines to sell on TV. Big Pharma has struck a deal with the Trump-led government to develop vaccines free of any liability for their side effects. The NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB have all jumped on the Big Pharma gravy train.

The athletes were treated as guinea pigs and guinea pigs.

Aaron Rodgers knows it. Most importantly, he can explain it clearly. The professional sports leagues don’t want to explain that. So their media partners will be very reluctant to address Rodgers’ interview with Rogan. They will pretend that no one cares.

The truth is that COVID competitive propaganda has irreversibly damaged the weak and fading trust between athletes and ownership. As the risks of vaccines become increasingly clear, athletes will realize that ownership has been offered to them as pawns in a global game. So did their unions. All of their unions have agreed to strict COVID protocols. The NFL and the National Basketball Association had the most punitive rules because their unions are the weakest and they have the worst leadership.

Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers never stops his interview with Joe Rogan. Hopefully, Rodgers will inspire other athletes to stand up as men and support Novak Djokovic, the world’s best tennis player who is banned from playing at the US Open because he won’t take the vaccine. Moderna is one of the main sponsors of the tournament.

We must all reject the rule of the Chinese Communist Party and all the alternatives to COVID backed by the big pharmaceutical companies.

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