A man arrested for allegedly shooting 5 at a birthday party in Las Vegas has been deported 4 times and pleaded guilty to kidnapping

man arrested for Alleged shooting Five people at a 50th birthday party in Las Vegas, Nevada, had previously been deported four times and pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

Las Vegas police said Alberto Santacruz, 36, shot a man in the leg after a heated argument at a Sunday morning party attended by about 100 people. While he was running away, he allegedly shot four other people, but other attendees chased and confronted him, stopping him until the police arrived.

Police were called to the house around 12:54 a.m. where they found the five victims and detained Santa Cruz.

Eyewitnesses at the party said the suspect fired nine shots.

Police said the man was initially uncooperative and had an identification card from Mexico that they later determined was fraudulent. After investigation, they determined that the man was Santacruz.

Santacruz faces a slew of charges, including five counts of attempted murder, five counts of battery, two counts of emptying a handgun, and two counts of prohibited possession of a weapon.

Of the five victims who were taken to the University Medical Center for treatment, two were admitted with serious gunshot wounds to the back and chest.

Court records show up that Santacruz was not a US citizen and was deported at least four times. He also pleaded guilty to the 2006 kidnapping of a man for stealing $50,000 of methamphetamine. He was part of a group of men who tied up two men and held their heads underwater in the bathtub.

All the suspects in that incident identified themselves as illegal aliens to law enforcement.

Santa Cruz is being held without bail.

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2- The trial of a criminal accused of shooting 5 at a Las Vegas party

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