Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts creators announced a double Kickstarter launch

Two classic RPGs are back in their soulful form

The creators behind two RPG franchises are collaborating on crowdfunding. wild weapons And the Shadow Hearts They are teaming up for a “Double Kickstarter” to fund the spiritual successors of both series.

Shadow Hearts Creator Matsuzu Machida and wild weapons Creator Akifumi Kaneko announced the news today. The Dual Kickstarter campaign It consists of two games: Armed fantasy And the blood penny.

the first, Armed fantasyis a follow up to wild weapons It is set in a similar Westernpunk universe. Kaneko will handle main game design and script writing, while Tomomi Sasaki will work on character design. music for Armed fantasy It will be by Michiko Naruke, Noriyasu Uematsu, and Elements Garden. From the screenshots they shoot, there are definitely some wild weapons Style, technology and wild west blending.

The other game blood pennyA dark story set in the 1920s. It follows a detective who deals with dark evil during a time of international turmoil. blood penny Very similar to its predecessor Shadow HeartsCharacter design by Miyako Kato and music by Yoshitaka Hirota. And boy, do you look bleak.

Back to the classics

The two teams unite in one coordinated effort. And I mean, if you want to make a play for the hearts of old-school JRPG fans, these are two good choices. wild weapons And the Shadow Hearts Two series that definitely stand out thanks to their mechanics and settings, and both could see a major revival with these successors.

As for the funding, Double Kickstarter will support the two teams’ projects. Supporters will have the option of financing blood pennyAnd the Armed fantasy, or both. The campaign’s shared ‘Combo Meter’ will continue to unlock new content for both games as it ramps up.

The Double Kickstarter It will be released on August 29th With a minimum common goal of $750,000 for both projects. Each pledge will contribute to any supported game, while also adding to the common Combo Meter. It’s a new idea, but I’m very intrigued by it. Classic games have had spiritual successors on Kickstarter, as we’ve seen from the rollout The Euden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes and his Related content. And I could be really interested in the successors to these two series.

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