Tata Motors launched Electric Nano in India

Tata Motors launched Electric Nano in India. Tata Motors launched Nano car keeping in mind the general public. Besides, it is known all over the country as a “millionaire” car. Also, after the launch of the car, the response was overwhelming across the country. However, the car did not succeed in the market. Due to which the production of this car was stopped by the company.

However, the car is still seen on the road, even though Tata Motors has stopped production of the “Lakhtakar”. However, the company has recently redesigned Ratan Tata’s dream car. When the electric Nano car was delivered to Ratan Tata, he could not resist the urge to ride in this car!

Tata Motors launched Electric Nano in India

Electra EV is a company that makes powertrains for electric vehicles. The company has customized this car into an electric car for “lakhs of rupees”. In addition, the company itself has provided detailed information about this via LinkedIn.

In this context, the company said, “Ratan Tata, the founder of the car, not only liked the car, but also saw it riding. It is a great honor to give Ratan Tata a 72V Nano EV and to get his response. ”

Besides, Electra EV also shared a picture of Nano EV with Ratan Tata on social media. Ratan Tata’s collaborator Shantanu Naidu was also seen in the film. The Nano EV is a 4-seater car with a range of 180 kilometers.

This car is capable of moving from zero to 60 kmph in less than 10 seconds. In addition, it uses lithium ion batteries. Tata Motors says that this car gives the passengers the feeling of a very real car.

This custom built Nano EV uses 72V architecture. In addition, the Tigor EV is said to have used the same powertrain. Although the company has made some changes in the design, the company has been able to achieve the target of 213 km by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). However, in doing so, the company did not make any changes to the powertrain or engine. Tata Motors launched Electric Nano in India.

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