Loose lady Nadia Sawalha breaks down in tears over her ADHD diagnosis

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Nadia Sawalha She broke down in tears when talking about the impact of her ADHD diagnosis on her later life because she hoped to “forgive” her past behavior.

The former The Bill actress had her condition tested Thursday, after she was suspected for years of living with her.

ADHD affects people’s behavior, with symptoms including difficulty concentrating and following instructions, as well as impulsiveness and irritability, according to NHS.

In a segment on the long-running talk show, Nadia met other women diagnosed with ADHD later in life, and admitted beforehand that she felt “nervous” about taking the test herself.

Her husband also questioned why she had seen a doctor, saying, “It’s pretty clear you have ADHD.”

Nadia explained that there are “many things throughout my life that I want to forgive myself for”.

The former Losses star also said she would be “scared” if she didn’t have the condition because “if I didn’t have ADHD, what would my past behaviors be like?”

Nadia said she hopes to drive again after the diagnosis (Image: ITV)

While being tested by a paramedic, who asks Nadia a series of questions about her reactions and reactions to everyday life, she breaks down in tears as she realizes she may be able to drive again.

Nadia said she gave herself a “life ban” from driving because she would “pass out”, explaining that it was “incredibly debilitating”.

Nadia has taken an ADHD test on the loose woman (Image: ITV)

After learning the test results, Nadia tearfully said it was “pathetic” but she was thrilled that she might be able to get behind the wheel again, now that there was a clear diagnosis.

Nadia then spoke to Kay Adams, Denise Welch and Jane Moore in the studio about the condition, explaining that she cried because she was struggling to “accept” there was “a reason for the chaos in my life”.

Nadia also sat with her husband Mark (Image: ITV)

She said she was relieved that she could “stop” and was told that you could “forgive yourself” for past behaviors.

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