I’m Medium – Tried the Viral $90 Abercrombie Panties I’ve Seen Everywhere and Got Hype

Everyone needs a comfortable and stylish trouser option for fall – and pants should be at the top of your list.

A mid-size fashion fan, Isa Kristen, bought Abercrombie’s viral pants to see how they fit.


Medium-sized fashion influencer Issa tries on viral Abercrombie pantsCredit: TikTok/isa_kristen22


Issa got the pants in the middleCredit: TikTok/isa_kristen22

Pants are taking over fashion trends this fall as a more formal option for lounge pants.

TikTok creator Issa couldn’t stay away from viral Abercrombie, so she gave up and bought it.

at recent days videoJesus tried them and realized that they might be worth the share they receive.

“I’ve seen Abercrombie pants everywhere, and we’ll see if they’re really worth it in a size 8,” she says.

I'm a medium size and bought 6 items for under $38 - the tops were nice and affordable
I'm an average size and did Target Shopping - everything is $35 or less

She opened her packaging to reveal $90 wide leg pants Not everyone on social media can stop talking about it.

Issa got her husband in a size medium.

At first, she wasn’t sure if they would step over her thighs, but they do.

Seeing them for the first time, Issa confessed: “I got the hype, that’s really what I do.”

These gray pants are loose in the legs and high in the waist.

Issa thinks they pull it off perfectly by the waist.

And the elastic waistband makes it easy to stretch the material with her body.

These pants went on smoothly and fit Issa perfectly


These pants went on smoothly and fit Issa perfectlyCredit: TikTok/isa_kristen22
She thinks the pants snatch her from the waist


She thinks the pants snatch her from the waistCredit: TikTok/isa_kristen22

“I got a size medium,” she explains. “I’m usually a size 8/10.”

“Hm, so I’ll add each color to my cart.”

One viewer commented on a cheaper alternative.

“Zara pants are the elite for us midsize girls and only $48,” she wrote.

Other fans agreed that the Abercrombie shorts are worth their price.

One viewer commented, “Yeah! I just got them, they’re so cute. I have an Aritzia Babaton too, and the A&F couple are more comfortable.”

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